New Master: Marie-Laure Hauters

We're glad to welcome a new master, Marie-Laure Hauters - a seasoned professional passionate about strategy, M&A, business development, and business sustainability, and an award-winning entrepreneur.

New Master: Omer Ginor

Over 15 years of CXO roles in scaling tech companies, Omer has developed a unique and deep understanding of the dynamics and challenges faced by startups.

New Master: Siebe Nooij

Join us in welcoming our new master, Siebe Nooij! Siebe has 15+ years of experience in founding and scaling companies, in B2B as well as B2C.

New Master: Stephen Grossman

Join us in welcoming our new master, Stephen Grossman - expert in scaling companies, response consulting, executive performance coaching, and more!

New Master: Florent Coudyser

A warm welcome to our new master, Florent Coudyser - a dedicated Operating Partner, propelling purpose-driven founders beyond their limits.

New Expert: Estelle Roux-Stevens

We are excited to welcome our new expert, Estelle Roux-Stevens, a Strategic People Advisor to Startups and Scale ups on growth strategies.

New Expert: Christiane Anell

We are happy to share that Christiane Anell, Brand Positioning & Marketing Strategy Expert and entrepreneur, is joining our team as an Expert!

New Master: Peter de Haas

We are delighted to welcome our new Master, Peter de Haas, a key figure in shaping the IT industry and driving technological advancement.

New Master: Roel Nuyts

We are excited to welcome our new Master, Roel Nuyts, a product strategist with a strong focus on novel technology.

New Master: Johan Vonk

We are happy to be joined by our new Master, Johan Vonk, an experienced leader in scaling production organisations.

New Master: Hervé Francois

We are delighted to welcome our new Master, Hervé Francois, a financial executive with blockchain expertise.

New Master: Mark Mol

We are thrilled to introduce our new Master, Mark Mol, an experienced customer and partnership negotiator and dealmaker.

New Master: Marc Wullings

A warm welcome to our new Master, Marc Wullings, who specializes in (international) go-to-market strategy and execution.

New Expert: Richard Russell

We are thrilled to welcome a new Expert, Richard Russell, an OKR and Executive Coach for executive teams of high-growth tech companies.

New Master: Frank van Os

We are excited to welcome Frank van Os as Master. He is an entrepreneurial innovator, business developer and growth expert.

New Expert: Dinette Tams

We are excited to welcome our new Expert, Dinette Tams! She supports companies in regulated industries with risk & quality management.

New Master: Tom Vroemen

We are very happy to welcome Tom Vroemen as Master. He is a serial entrepreneur, investor and adviser to deeptech and climate tech companies.

New Master: Laurens de Bruijn

We are excited to welcome a new Master, Laurens de Bruijn, an entrepreneur, investor and senior executive with many years experience in the healthcare sector.

Inspiration at YOUNITE

Our co-founder Dieuwke Hoogland shared her experience and perspective on multidisciplinary teams during Younite

New Master: Marc Mogalle

We are happy to welcome a new Master, Marc Mogalle! Marc is an experienced venture capitalist and seasoned entrepreneur.

New Master: Karin Govaert

We are excited to welcome a new Master, Karin Govaert! Karin has been an entrepreneur in the maritime industry for over 20 years.

New Partner: Runway Strategies

We are excited to announce our new partner Runway Strategies! Runway advises clients on regulatory and policy strategy to navigate government obstacles.

New Partner: SPIN Ideas

We are happy to announce a new partnership with SPIN Ideas! SPIN Ideas is a marketing and media agency for passionate, purpose-driven change-makers.

New Ambassador: Marco Hartog

Marco Hartog is an executive with 25 years of experience in International Business Development and Management high-tech vendors in the Telecommunication and Cyber Security markets.

New Expert: Jelle Stolwijk

We are thrilled to welcome a new Expert, Jelle Stolwijk. He is an experienced founder and growth marketeer, currently working as a freelance Head of Growth leading go-to-market strategies for startups and scaleups.

New Expert: Viki Pavlič

We are very happy to welcome a new Expert this week, Viki Pavlič! He is a pitch deck architect and a pitch coach who helps startups get their 'wow' across by making their story clear, concise and convincing.

New Master: Frank Visciano

We are excited to welcome Frank Visciano as Master. Frank is a seasoned startup leader with more than 15 years of experience across multiple functions of scaling companies.

New Masters: Amit Vaidya & Brad Furber

We are excited to welcome two new Masters this week. Amit Vaidya is a Life Science Expert and Board Advisor. Brad Furber is a securities lawyer, investor, entrepreneur and venture finance advisor.