New Master: Karin Govaert

We are excited to welcome a new Master, Karin Govaert! Learn more about her below.

Tell us about yourself
I have been an entrepreneur in the maritime industry for over 20 years. I am co-founder and Director of Rivermaas (2010), an investor in maritime assets and sustainable technology for on-board applications. I completed a degree in Economics in Rotterdam and Master in Finance in Tilburg.

Why did you want to join Masters of Scale?
As an entrepreneur I have experienced the power of role models and supporters – people that truly believe in you, your plan and are able and willing to take it further. The entrepreneurial journey can be bumpy, I would like to offer my knowledge and network to smoothen the path.

Why are you passionate about entrepreneurship?
I truly believe that there is no future without entrepreneurs. It is their perseverance, enthusiasm and disruptive business plans that shape our future!

What was the most defining moment in your career, and what did you learn from it?
Failures have always been the most defining moments in my career!

What is your expertise and what are you known for?
Creative thinker with a broad network, capable of stimulating, motivating and enthusing teams

In what industries or settings can you add the most value?
Maritime industry, technology firms, logistics operators

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