New Master: Marc Wullings

We are very excited to welcome a new Master, Marc Wullings! Learn more about him below.

Tell us about yourself
I am an experienced business manager specialized in (international) go-to-market strategy and execution. After a career in enterprise sales in ICT, I specialized in tech companies in the Benelux and Nordic markets. Over the last 10 years, I worked with over 80 growth companies in the region on implementing growth strategies in new markets and domains. As trainer, I have worked with hundreds of startups at various accelerators across Europe, where I am known for a hands-on, positive and challenging approach, drawing from a solid experience.

Why did you want to join Masters of Scale?
To support founders best, a multidisciplinary approach seems the right way forward. I like the team approach of MoS. This way, we can complement expertise to best support founders in scaling their companies.

Why are you passionate about entrepreneurship?
Creating value, driven by passion. I love the mindset of entrepreneurs, their growth oriented spirit and their pragmatism.

What was the most defining moment in your career, and what did you learn from it?
In the early stage of my career, I closed a large deal and my director asked the client why they chose to do business with us. The client answered that they gave us the business because I cared about them, also when there was no immediate business on the table. This taught me that pay it forward pays off. I gradually moved from large corporate to Pre-IPO Scale-ups to startups, and I have now been involved in a few companies from founding to exit. I still care!

What is your expertise and what are you known for?
Go-to-Market Strategy and Execution, Internationalization Strategy, B2B Client engagement, Direct and Indirect sales execution, B2B demand generation.

In what industries or settings can you add the most value?
Energy, Proptech, Health tech, Functional IT, Enterprise software

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