Scaling Readiness Assessment

What is the Scaling Readiness Assessment?

The Scaling Readiness Assessment (SRA) is our proven method that takes ‘the temperature’ of your company to test its ability to scale. Depending on the outcome, you can focus on the identified challenges with or without Masters of Scale. You are fully free to choose from our modular offering.


  • Determine your company’s scaling readiness
  • Identify your unique challenges to scaling
  • Gain valuable insights from other serial entrepreneurs on scaling opportunities/risks
  • Summary Report

Time commitment:

  • 20 minute self-assessment questionnaire
  • 4 sessions of 1-1,5 hours with our Masters
  • We aim to complete these sessions as quickly as possible

Pricing: €4.500

Curious if you are ready to scale? Complete our Scaling Readiness Indicator Scan to see!


Our Scaling Readiness Assessment explores 10 areas of your business:

Our Approach


Our Scaling Readiness Assessment starts with a Self-Assessment. We ask you to rate the readiness of your company by completing a questionnaire. This is used as input for a Kick-off Session with the Masters who will conduct the Discovery Sessions with you. During the Kick-off, you introduce your company to the Masters and we agree on the focus topics for the Discovery Sessions. 

Discovery Sessions

The Discovery Sessions are (online) discussions with our Masters focused on identifying your readiness and challenges for scaling. These sessions follow our SRA framework explained above and each of our Masters focuses on different topics, depending on their area of expertise. There are 3 sessions of approximately 1-1,5 hours with 3 different Masters.

Summary Report

After the Discovery Sessions have concluded, we take all our conclusions, recommendations and scorings and create a Summary Report. The Report includes an overall Scaling Readiness Level score as well as a score for each of the areas of our framework. It also includes our key conclusions and strategic advice on how to accelerate your scaling. 

What our customers say...

We have really enjoyed working together with Masters of Scale. We had to make some decisions about how to move the company forward - with what business model and focus. In only three sessions, Masters of Scale managed to put the right people in front of us to give us the tools to make these decisions. The quality of the coaches and their expertise is undeniable.
Sander den Hoedt
CEO Delmic

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