Fractional Leaders

Cost-Efficient Leadership as a Service

What are Fractional Leaders?

Blend of experience, cost-effectiveness and flexibility
  • Experienced and knowledgeable executives and entrepreneurs with international experience
  • Available on a part-time basis
  • Provide strategic leadership and direction in different business areas

Why the Need?

Adaptable leadership in times of rapid growth

As businesses experience rapid expansion, they face a multitude of decisions and challenges. Founders are stretched thin across various leadership roles, often outside their expertise. While the need for strategic leadership is evident, a new full-time leadership role may not yet be feasible.

Our Solution

Cost-Efficient Leadership as a Service

We offer the support of knowledgeable entrepreneurs and specialists. Our people are not just senior executives, they’re experienced entrepreneurs. They’ve been there, done that and have walked in a founder’s shoes. They can quickly hit the ground running and work effectively within a growing team. Our Fractional Leaders can help make organizations future proof, dedicating 1-2 days per week to tailor the role to a company’s evolving needs and ensuring professional results.

Areas of Expertise

Growth (CCO, CMO)

Driving sales, marketing, strategic planning, and business development

Operations (COO)

Enhancing operational efficiency and performance for expanding teams

Finance (CFO)

Refining financial strategies and managing fundraising rounds

Product & Technology (CPO, CTO)

Aligning product development with technology strategy


Implementing comprehensive talent strategies

The Results

Leadership to the next level
  • Elevates leadership team, enhancing scaling capacity
  • Fosters business growth and value creation
  • Provides strategic insights and catalyzes impactful changes
  • Organization with structured processes fit for the next growth step
  • Offers flexible, cost-efficient leadership 
  • Access top-tier executive expertise without full-time costs

Why Choose Masters of Scale?

Personal Matching and Chemistry
We ensure our fractional leaders not only have the necessary expertise but also align with a company's unique culture and values. By facilitating initial meetings, we help both parties assess compatibility.
Diverse Community
We boast a diverse and extensive community of experienced leaders across various industries. This diversity provides a breadth of choice, enabling you to find a leader whose experience is most relevant to your specific challenges.
Entrepreneurial Insights
Our fractional leaders stand apart due to their unique backgrounds as entrepreneurs who have personally navigated the challenges of starting and scaling businesses. This experience equips them with a deep understanding and empathy for the entrepreneurial journey.
Flexibility and Scalability
Our fractional leaders are adaptable to your company's changing needs. Whether it's scaling up operations, navigating through a fundraising round, or building a B2B sales team, they can adjust their involvement and strategies according to your company's growth phase.
Backup and Support
In addition to the primary fractional leader, we provide a backup system of support. This means that if unforeseen circumstances arise, or if there's a need for additional expertise, we have a network of professionals ready to step in and assist.
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How It Works

1. Intake

Understanding the challenges and goals
Our initial step involves gaining a deep understanding of your specific challenges and growth goals. We engage in a detailed discussion to identify which challenges are most suited for Fractional Leader intervention.

2. Matching

Finding the suitable Fractional Leader for specific need
With a clear grasp of your needs and objectives, we initiate the matching process. You’ll have the opportunity to review profiles of our Fractional Leaders, and we’ll suggest 2-3 candidates we believe are well-matched. We arrange initial meetings with these candidates to ensure a strong connection and assess their potential contribution to your business.

3. Contracting

Agreeing on engagement terms

An agreement is reached on the Fractional Leader’s time commitment, rates and specific focus areas, including possible KPIs. While these may evolve, they establish an initial framework for engagement.

4. Start & Implementation

Integrating into the team and impactful results
The Fractional Leader begins by integrating into your team, taking on specific tasks from you and your management team. This allows you to concentrate on your core responsibilities. They will assess and enhance strategy, structures, processes, and responsibilities, effectively laying down and executing the blueprint for the role.

5. Handover & Exit

Transitioning to a full-time executive when ready
When there is the possibility to transition to a full-time executive, the Fractional Leader will lead and manage the search for a suitable permanent executive. Masters of Scale can support this process with our expert recruitment partners.

Our Fractional Leaders

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