New Master: Hervé Francois

We are delighted to welcome our new Master, Hervé Francois! Explore additional information about him below.

Tell us about yourself
I am a financial veteran with over twenty years of experience in the Investment Banking / Private Equity industry (as Quant, Trader, Digital Assets Lead and Partner). I have worked for Investcorp, ING Bank, and Natixis across France, USA, Japan, Hong-Kong, the Netherlands, and UAE. Entrepreneur-minded and business-oriented, I have successfully launched different blockchain / digital assets initiatives from proof of concept into production, capitalizing on blockchain technology potential in order to unlock mass-scale value. Some examples of multi-million solutions include HQLAx and Pyctor, a digital assets post-trade market infrastructure, where I was CEO before a successful exit in 2022. I am currently Partner at Investcorp, a leading provider and manager of alternative investment products with $50bio AUM, where I am in charge of the Blockchain / Digital Assets fund out of the Abu Dhabi office.

Why did you want to join Masters of Scale?
Entrepreneurship is a way to focus on real issues, having a vision and a unique opportunity to change the world. This can be one of the most impactful and meaningful journeys.

Why are you passionate about entrepreneurship?
The energy and passion that founders have to develop their business gives me great joy.

What was the most defining moment in your career, and what did you learn from it?
My Executive MBA was an eye opener in term of personal development. Success hinders are only the ones we unconsciously set ourselves. Think big, be bold and remain humble. Learn to dare.

What is your expertise and what are you known for?
Blockchain/DLT technologies, Digital Assets ecosystem, Consortia building, Lean startup principle / Experiment design, Agile methodology, Pitching advice, Fundraising

In what industries or settings can you add the most value?
Technology and Finance

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