New Master: Peter de Haas

We are delighted to welcome our new Master, Peter de Haas! Learn more about his professional journey and why he is passionate about entrepreneurship below.

Tell us about yourself
Since December 2020, I have been at the helm of Nabigeta BV, a firm offering CxO services to organizations seeking interim executive leadership. Under my guidance, Nabigeta has flourished, taking on roles such as Partner Success Director at Synigo, CTO at Arbor Media B.V., and similar positions at Backbase and enableLab. Before founding Nabigeta, I was a Partner at KPMG Advisory in the Netherlands from 2019 to 2020, where I significantly expanded the firm’s digital and cloud transformation advisory services. My tenure there solidified my reputation for enhancing business-IT alignment and forging strong industry partnerships, particularly with Microsoft.

From 2013 to 2019, I led Breinwave, a Microsoft gold partner I founded, specializing in cloud-based solutions in IT strategy and customer engagement. My leadership from 2010 to 2013 at Microsoft Netherlands was marked by my role in developing the Microsoft cloud partner ecosystem and contributing to major client cloud migration projects. This effort earned me the Microsoft Circle of Excellence Platinum Award in 2010.

My career began in 1992, spanning key roles in business and IT strategy, and cloud implementations with companies like EDS, Unisys, and Microsoft. My expertise has been instrumental across various IT transformations, making me a reliable figure in the IT industry.

Why did you want to join Masters of Scale?
I like the mission and approach to the market of Masters of Scale by working with a large and diverse group of Masters with experience and competencies in many different areas of building, scaling and growing organizations and business.

Why are you passionate about entrepreneurship?
Entrepreneurship means freedom to me. Freedom to create new things and build new relationships, support companies not in a pre-set mode but by leveraging what I know and whom I know. Once you have tasted this way of working it is very hard to find the same energy and motivation anywhere else.

What was the most defining moment in your career, and what did you learn from it?
The day I decided to quit my ‘golden cage’ job a Microsoft to enter the journey of entrepreneurship. I quit my job and took the jump beginning of 2013 and never regretted it for a single day. None of the risks and ‘bears’ I envisioned prior to making that jump occurred. This defining moment taught me that you need to learn to look at the real risks and what their potential impact is or will be. It has also taught me to trust on your skills and the network you have built in the year. That is after all a very big asset looking back at it.

What is your expertise and what are you known for?
I am a highly adept and visionary leader in the IT industry, renowned for my strategic insight and innovative approach. My core expertise centers around interim executive leadership, where I excel in providing CxO-level guidance and operational strategy to organizations requiring temporary yet impactful leadership. I am particularly skilled in aligning IT strategies with business objectives, ensuring that technology implementations effectively drive business success. This skill set is complemented by my adeptness in leading digital and cloud transformation initiatives, showcasing my ability to navigate and capitalize on evolving technological landscapes.

My entrepreneurial acumen and proficiency in building and managing strategic partnerships are standout competencies. My approach is characterized by my ability to lead companies through growth and innovation, drawing on my extensive experience in consulting and advisory roles. My strengths in sales strategy and market expansion are particularly notable, with a focus on cloud-based solutions and enhancing partner networks. This blend of skills, along with my adaptability and forward-thinking mindset, makes me a key figure in shaping the IT industry and driving technological advancement.

In what industries or settings can you add the most value?
To a certain extent I have worked industry agnostic when it comes to Business/Technology /Digital transformation related topics. I have strong experience in Education, Manufacturing & Engineering and Non Profits. The setting can be divers in a sense that I like to work with Senior executives as well as technical/ engineering teams or multi disciplinary teams in workshops, meetings or other settings.

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