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Right Now: Adhoc Support

Spar with a Master in a one-time session

Sometimes you need additional experience or knowledge to solve a specific challenge. Book a sparring session with one of our Masters to help you get out of the woods.

  • One-time sparring session
  • Full individual focus from a Master
  • Solve a challenge with no other requirements or obligations in the long run

Journey: Full Support

Work and learn with a Master by your side

Get your own dedicated Master that accompanies you on your scaling-up journey:

  • Full one-on-one guidance
  • Full support on a journey that will lead to the desired expansion of your company 
  • Our Masters are readily available as you need them

Project: Focused Support

Set and achieve your specific goals

You have a clear challenge you want to overcome. Or you have a goal associated with your company’s scaling you want to achieve. Get focused guidance from our Masters.

  • Focused guidance
  • Full support to achieve your project goals
  • Your Master is readily available during the project

Fractional Leaders: Hands-on Support

Cost-Efficient Leadership as a Service

Our Fractional Leaders can help make organizations future proof, dedicating 1-2 days per week to tailor the role to a company’s evolving needs and ensuring professional results.

  • Experienced and knowledgeable executives and entrepreneurs with international experience
  • Available on a part-time basis
  • Provide strategic leadership and direction in the areas of Growth, Operations, Finance, Product & Technology, and HR

Scan: Scaling Assessment

Our Masters test the ability of your company to scale

Want to know where you stand? We assess your readiness to successfully scale. At the same time,  you receive coaching with valuable insights and recommendations on your unique challenges. 

  • Determine your company’s scaling readiness
  • Scaling Readiness Assessment with summary report and scores
  • Available in light (1 session) or full (5 sessions) version

Do you need help scaling?