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Entrepreneurs sometimes need a sparring partner who understands the entrepreneur’s challenges and obstacles from their own experience. Specifically when getting ready for the first serious funding round, a lot of information is asked and the investors want to see a certain level of readiness. Not all companies have the “gray hairs” onboard who can convince the investors that the company will not be running into the next death trap.

Working with Masters of Scale will provide you with the sparring partners and experienced entrepreneurs who will help you through this process and will help you do it faster. Each Master has access to the other Masters and their diverse networks.

Masters are results driven, will not be counting hours and will be accessible every day. We also want to have “skin in the game” and share the risk with the entrepreneur. We feel the pain when you do.

The objective is to work closely with you in order to obtain the necessary funding for the series A round. In this process, two Masters will assist on key strategic elements such as branding and go-to-market strategy as needed. We expect the following activities, in a limited period of time (3-6 months), to be performed in close cooperation during each phase:

  • Perform Company Scan
  • Evaluate and improve/provide feedback on materials for investors
  • Validate current list of potential investors and add investors to speed up
  • Approach selected investors and organize follow-up
  • Organize and structure necessary due diligence materials
  • Liaise between investor(s) and advise the company in its discussions with these investors
  • Provide advice on key strategic elements such as branding and go-to-market strategy.

Tailormade Plan

A team of 2 Masters will help identify current issues preventing acceleration or roadblocks to raising your next round of funding. Together with you, we develop a tailor-made strategic plan to efficiently overcome these challenges and help define your funding needs.

Dedicated Support

During a period of 3–6 months, our Masters work closely with you to solve your challenges. Not only will their expertise and networks be available to you, but also that of our entire Masters community. The team will research the VC landscape to find the best fit for your company.

Shared Risk

We are only compensated when you successfully secure funding. Aside from a small monthly fee for general expenses, we do not bill hourly or take much-needed cash away from your business. Our compensation is only earned at the close of a successful funding round.

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