Masters of Scale are a group of serial entrepreneurs and experts that help companies to scale faster.
From March 8th onwards, all our meetups, matchmaking and info-sessions will be digital.
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Next Roundtable to be announced shortly!

Who do we support

We are aiming at companies that have an MVP, succesfully concluded a Seed round, and want to scale towards an A-Series investment of 3 to 5 Million Euro.

Consequently, this would mean companies with an international ambition, who want to stay ahead of competition, and are able to deal with strong characters of dedicated advisors to their team. In other words: you have to be ambitious, determined and coachable.

Who are the Masters of Scale?

A group of committed serial entrepreneurs who have established, scaled, funded and exited their companies, some of them multiple times.

With our expanding group of Masters we have international and complementary networks, and have a proven experience in Business Development, Sales, Marketing, Legal, Finance and Funding, in markets such as High-Tech, IT, Telecom, Finance and Legal areas in both B2B and B2C.

What we have in common is our passion for ambitious entrepreneurship.


What we offer

Entrepreneurs sometimes need a sparring partner who understands the entrepreneur's challenges and obstacles from their own experience. Specifically when getting ready for the first serious funding round, a lot of information is asked and the investors want to see a certain level of readiness. Not all companies have the "gray hairs" onboard who can convince the investors that the company will not be running into the next dead trap.

Working with the Masters of Scale will provide you with the sparring partners and experienced entrepreneurs who will help you through this process and will help you do it faster. Each Master has access to the other Masters and their networks, with our Masters coming from a very diverse background.

The Masters of Scale are result driven, will not be counting hours and will be accessible every day. We also want to have a "skin in the game", share the risk with the entrepreneur. We feel the pain when you do.

The objective is to work closely with the founders in order to obtain the necessary funding for the series A round. In this process, two Masters will assist on key strategic elements such as branding and go-to-market strategy as needed. We expect the following activities, in a limited period of time (6-9 months), to be performed in close cooperation during each phase:

  • Perform Company Scan 

  • Evaluate and improve/provide feedback on materials for investors 

  • Validate current list of potential investors and add investors to speed up 

  • Approach selected investors and organize follow-up 

  • Organize and structure necessary due diligence materials 

  • Masters will liaise between investor(s) and advise the company in its discussions with these investors 

  • Provide advice on key strategic elements such as branding and go-to-market strategy. 

If you think you could need some help to scale faster, then please get in touch.


Submit your pitchdeck

Tell us more about your company, let us get to know you and your team, and your ambitions. What are your plans to scale your product, how much capital do you think you need. Is your company ready to grow exponentially? If so then:


Be invited to our monthly pitchday

Time to get to know eachother. Face-to-face meeting of you and your team with the Masters. Pitch your growth plan, and let us find the opportunity to grow faster. Some of the Masters may want to work with you, you choose two of them. Match? If so then:


Start the Onboarding procedure

Time to get the paperwork done, agree on the Advisory shares percentage and timeframe. Then we set out to accelerate your plan. First step: a fundamentals scan. Then, together with your team, we will work on fixing the weak spots and prepare for the funding Due Dilligence.

Finally, we will get you in touch with the best fitting VC.


Closing the deal

When you have succesfully closed your funding round, we will help you settle with your new shareholder, and finally we will exercise our option rights, get paid and exit the company to leave you to grow it from here. No equity lost!

Resources for Scaling

The Masters of Scale Podcast

Masters of Scale got their title from the podcasts from Reid Hoffman, founder of LinkedIn and partner at Greylock. In-dept interviews with successful founders of now-famous tech companies.

Go to the podcasts

Books about Scaling

Some of the books, articles and social media posts that we think are a must-read for growing your business.

Browse the Library

Scaling video's

Although we believe entrepreneurship should be in your DNA, there are a lot of skills that can be sharpened by hearing what others have done. 

Browse the video’s

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How Not To Die

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