Meet Our Team

What is Masters of Scale?

We are a cross-generational and international team with a shared passion for and experience with accelerating high-impact entrepreneurship. Within our team, we have 3 types of roles:


Entrepreneurs who have established, scaled, funded, and exited – sometimes multiple – companies and want to help others do the same


Professional services specialists (Lawyer, Accountant, Analyst, Banker, Marketeer, etc.) who have experience with startups and scaleups


Advocate of Masters of Scale who actively connects companies to us and provides our customers access to their international network


Masters are actively involved with a company as a strategic advisor and often work in pairs on projects. They have seen it all, felt the pain and sleepless nights when dealing with critical situations and understand the struggles of scaling a business. 

Masters have the following profile:

  • Serial entrepreneur and/or experienced specialist
  • Proven track record
  • No need for monthly income, payment with successful results
  • Available for projects on a 3–12 months basis, part time (max. 1 day per week)
  • Large network in entrepreneurial ecosystem


Experts are called in for a specific task or problem. They support companies hands-on, potentially several days a week, using their expertise to temporarily fill a gap, solve a challenge and build capabilities that are embedded in the company for scaling purposes. 

Experts have the following profile:

  • Have specialized expertise (e.g., marketing, HR, lawyer)
  • Sector specialists in specific areas
  • Proven track record for supporting startup and scaleup companies
  • Have the possibility to free up 4-8 hours/week or more to assist a company
  • Preferably self-employed or can operate with consent of their current employer
  • Paid a negotiated fee or share with the success of the project


Ambassadors are extremely well-connected individuals who actively connects companies to us and provide our customers access to their international network. They do not have the time to fullfil a Master or Expert role, but they still want to play a role in accelerating entrepreneurship. 

Ambassadors have the following profile:

  • Large network in entrepreneurial ecosystem (ideally connected to local incubators/accelerators)
  • Proven track record
  • Strongly believe in the value of adding Masters and Experts to accelerate scaling companies
  • Willing to create visibility for Masters of Scale
  • Good reputation
  • Highly reliable

Are you interested in becoming a Master, Expert or Ambassador?