Laurens de Bruijn


Laurens is entrepreneur, investor and senior executive with many years experience in the healthcare sector.

Laurens is a senior executive and entrepreneur. He co-founded a series of successful cardiology outpatient clinics in the Netherlands in 2006, targeting process optimisation through standardisation and digital applications. He initiated and drove their UK market entry in 2016, both independently and in partnership with private and public hospitals (an easy sell that proved hard to implement).

Laurens has worked as an investor in technology private equity in London for eight years and was also in charge of Oxford University Clinic where he focused on innovations in MedTech and healthcare services in JV with Mayo Clinic. As an advisor, mentor and shareholder, he has worked on acquisitions and capital raises as well as with scale-ups from a variety of industries, including on behalf of Oxford University’s accelerator.

Laurens currently serves on the executive board of independent breast cancer hospital Alexander Monro Ziekenhuis and holds an MSc in finance & investments from the Rotterdam School of Management.

Area of Expertise :
Growth, strategy, route to market: developing simple business models
Problem solving and product development
Process simplification, restructuring, optimisation
Building teams with complementary skills
Company finance: budgeting, processes, KPIs
Perseverance, asking tough questions, simplifying and out of the box thinking

  • The Netherlands