Case study: How a Fractional COO Can Lay the Foundation for a Futureproof Organization

In this case study we’re showcasing how an experienced COO can bring structure and efficiency to a growing start-up, laying the foundation for a futureproof organisation and getting them ready for scaling.

For privacy reasons, the name of the client company cannot be disclosed. For the purpose of this case study, we will call the client company Beech.


Beech is a platform that connects supply and demand for all forms of transportation services. By connecting customers with over 400 transportation partners, Beech saw considerable growth since its inception. Beech’s founder was looking to bring the organization to the next level by expanding into new markets and further developing its IT platform. In order to do so, he realized he needed to further professionalize and streamline processes. 

The founder’s team of 8 employees was primarily composed of transport planners, lacking the broader strategic and analytical expertise required to future-proof the organization. It was clear that external expertise was essential to elevate Beech to the next level.

Tessa de Flines was introduced to the Beech founder at an event for entrepreneurs. A common acquaintance recognised the perfect fit between the two when he heard that the founder was looking for someone to help with professionalization and that Tessa was looking for a new fractional COO assignment. Tessa and the founder planned a introduction the following week, and after several meetings and getting to know each other, they agreed to start working together.

Tessa’s initial step was conducting a comprehensive analysis of the company. This revealed opportunities to strengthen the strategy and implement improvements in sales acquisition, HR, quality management and managing the daily operations. 

Together with the owner and employees, Tessa implemented a daily stand-up (or day start) during which all crucial information was shared (changes in processes, attention points for clients and suppliers, issues, improvement ideas and of course successes). This created a much better flow of information in the daily operations which in turn increased client and employee satisfaction.

To better position Beech for acquiring larger clients with stringent requirements, Tessa professionalized the pitching process by introducing standardized PowerPoint templates and developing a set of core company slides. Additionally, she spearheaded the pursuit of ISO certification and established a Quality Management System, complete with a policy handbook and detailed work instructions for staff, enabling Beech to attract clientele previously out of reach.

A final example of Tessa’s support was developing and implementing an HR performance management system to increase employee satisfaction and retention. This made it clearer how the employees were being evaluated, what was expected of them and also placed more emphasis on behavior and personal development. Both the employee manual and performance management system streamlined the onboarding process for new hires necessary to support Beech’s expansion.

Tessa’s strategic involvement was instrumental in transforming Beech into a more structured, efficient, and scalable enterprise, ready to tackle future challenges and opportunities in the transportation sector.

“All of the processes and policies that Tessa put in place are still being used today. She took so much work off my plate and was able to significantly professionalize our organization in just 9 months.” - Beech Founder & CEO

Tessa de Flines is one of Masters’ of Scale Fractional Leaders.

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