Richard Burger

Advisory Board, Master

Richard is the founder of Swapfiets and an expert in scaling a product-as-a-service company.

Born and raised in a small village near Zwolle, Richard moved to Delft after highschool to study Marine Technology at the Technical University of Delft. He successfully graduated his masters while starting a business in Bicycle As A Service – Swapfiets.

Richard grew Swapfiets exponentially from zero to ~200.000 active members, in 4 countries, 55 cities and ~1500 colleagues, in roughly 5 years time. He is still fully active within Swapfiets with a strong focus on operational development, service and sustainability.

He know all about scaling a product-as-a-service company where his focus is mainly on the team, the product/concept and the processes.

Richard resides in 📌 The Netherlands.

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