Amsterdam Circular Program

“In 2029, the circular economy will be the only economy”

This was a quote from Gartner Research shared by Harald Friedl during his keynote at the Amsterdam Circular Program Finals event.

Hearing the pitches from the program participants gave us hope and inspiration that this truly is achievable. These founders show that it is possible to combine true purpose with economic impact.

It was an honor to be involved in this program through the fundraising workshops we gave as Masters of Scale (credits to our Master Marc Mogalle) but also our Master and Co-Founder Tessa de Flines mentored Human Material Loop (Zsofia Kollar) and TILER (Olivier CoopsChristiaan van NispenJoris Koudijs).

And thank you as well to the other founders in the program for your inspirational pitches and for leading the circularity charge: Don Ritzen of Shift, Siemen Brinksma of Biosphere SolarHajo Reinders of Pretty PlasticRonan Hayes of ReflowYnse Hendrik Deinema of RoboatFlorentine Gillis of CIRCLE CLOSETJacqueline van den Ende of Carbon Equity and Steef Fleur of Billie Wonder.

It was wonderful to work with the team that made the program possible from Rockstart (Cristina FonsecaDavide Rapida’Roy de WeerdZara Doyle Cunningham) and AMS Institute (Guy Vincent). Looking forward to the next edition!

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