Startupbootcamp Beyond Borders Program

In the past few weeks, we’ve had the pleasure of being part of the Startupbootcamp Beyond Borders program. Incredible companies who have already achieved great successes in Singapore and Asia, are now looking to spread their wings to the Netherlands and the rest of Europe.

During the program, our Masters Laurens De Bruijn, Barry Edney, Pieter Kraaijeveld and Karin Govaert shared their expertise and network to help these companies make a soft landing in the Netherlands.

Our co-founder Tessa de Flines introduced our Fractional Leader service in an info session on “Hiring and Scaling a Team in The Netherlands” together with Izumi Willems-Sawada of Adams Multilingual Recruitment and Roland Brouwer from BIPO.

It all came together in the showcase event in Amsterdam where the companies pitched their solutions and growth plans followed by interactive networking. Our Masters Pieter Jan Doets RM, Pieter Kraaijeveld, Sofie van Londen and Tessa de Flines joined the inspiring event.

Thanks to Beth Henderson and Mercedes de Miranda of Startupbootcamp and Cassandra Goh of Enterprise Singapore for the collaboration and opportunity!

Best of luck with the European expansion 🚀!

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