Project Charter: Kick-off for Success

Written by our Co-Founder & Master Tessa de Flines

When you are growing fast and so many projects are running, how do you make sure everyone is on the same page from the beginning and more importantly, stays there?

We use a pragmatic tool with our customers called a “Project Charter”. And we highly recommend using it for your projects or initiatives to increase your chances of success!

It is a 1 pager (don’t make it any longer!) that everyone involved signs-off on summarizing:

  • ? Objectives: What goals are we trying to achieve?
  • ? Scope: What are and are not the focus areas or boundaries?
  • ?‍?‍? Team: Who is involved and what are their roles?
  • ? KPIs: How will you measure success?
  • ? Milestones: What are the planning phases and key deadlines?
  • ⚠️ Risks & Issues: What challenges do we foresee and can already mitigate?

You should make one charter for every project, initiative or other large change in your organization. It is owned by the person leading the project, but should be signed off by anyone involved in the project. 

The Project Charter is crucial to set the team up for success, keep them focused and prevent scope creep, no matter the size of the project or organization. 

It is a living document and should be revisited and updated as circumstances change. If, of course, everyone agrees on the changes! 

Want to learn more about or need help with this tool including receiving a template? Send Tessa an email at