Steve Jobs: Visionary or Observer?

Written by our Master Stephen Mangham

It’s often said that the most successful entrepreneurs are visionaries.

Does that really encourage your average business founder? How many people would ever put their hands up and say ‘I’m a visionary’?

Steve Jobs is probably given that compliment more than most.

But did he really see the future? Or was he a particularly astute observer of human nature?

Steve Jobs didn’t invent the pc. He didn’t invent the mobile phone. Even the i-pod was arguably a mashup of Napster and The Walkman.

He made them infinitely better.

His brilliance lay in understanding what people wanted. And in marrying tech and design to make beautiful products that were intuitively simple to use.

Steve Jobs was a marketing genius. 

The lesson for budding entrepreneurs is this: make sure your idea is truly useful. Understand how it makes people’s lives better in some way: cooler, simpler, more convenient, cheaper.

Get under the skin of your potential customer. Observe and learn.

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