Wise Lessons for Fundraising

What is your Fundraising Strategy? How can you run the best Fundraising Process? These were the topics covered during the workshop that our Masters Marc Mogalle and Tessa de Flines ran for the Rockstart Emerging Tech and Energy cohorts.

The key takeaways:
Avoid fundraising whenever possible: Customers are your best funders and fundraising is not a goal in itself
Victory loves preparation: You increase your chances of success with thorough preparation before starting to fundraise
You are special, money is a commodity: You don’t ask for money, you offer an opportunity and do an investor a big favor
Understand how your investor works and thinks: Many raises fail due to a mismatch of expectations
Be prepared for a rollercoaster: The fundraising process is never linear, be prepared for many ups and downs

It was great working with the cohort companies and we were impressed with how much they have already achieved!
Authic LabsCatchScanContribeMolecular Quantum SolutionsPurple GazeTech2BViezoHexwiseCircadianPF NexusMOOSTTwindo TechnologiesFast TrekEnyday ApS

As always, it was also a pleasure working with the Rockstart team (Robert SpaimaAnastasija BondeNikolett Roder and many more).

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