Startup Commons South Holland

What a wonderful evening at Startup Commons. Inspiration 💡, interesting conversations ✨ and new connections 🤝!

It was an perfect combination of startups, scaleups, investors and ecosystem partners and multipliers in an informal setting.

Keynote speakers shared their thoughts on how to invest in hardware profitably:

  • David Cerda Salzmann (co-founder Ampelmann Operations)
  • Liduina Hammer (Head of Investment, InnovationQuarter)
  • Guus Frericks (Managing Partner, DeepTechXL)

Our co-founders Tessa de Flines, Dieuwke Hoogland and Duke Urbanik as well as Master Laurens De Bruijn represented Masters of Scale at the event.

It goes to show that so much value can be created in the unplanned and spontaneous with events like this!

Thanks to Leapfunder and YES!Delft for the great organization and hosting!

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