NL AI Congress – Breaking Barriers to scale-up

On April 24 we joined the NL AI Congress 🎉, an inspiring event attended by a broad representation of the AI ecosystem in the Netherlands.

A highlight of the congress was the breakout session ‘Breaking Barriers to scale up’, during which the panel and public discussed the specific needs and challenges of scaling AI companies.

Two important topics worth sharing:

📌 IP and AI industry The legal existing ways for handling IP are clearly different from conventional industries as algorithms are often based on open source and data that is used is often owned by the customer. Indicating that IP ownership in AI companies requires a new view on this topic.

📌 Project-driven businesses and AI industry Research showed that Dutch AI companies are mostly small in size (less than 35 employees) and mostly (70%) have a project-based business model. This often results in difficulties when scaling and achieving funding. During the panel discussion practical experiences were shared, which emphasized the need for the Dutch AI industry to make a transition from project to product oriented businesses in order to scale.

This exclusive session was organised by Anita Lieverdink (AiNed), Belén Hein (Neurolytics) and Jasper Wognum (BrainCreators).

Our co-founder ▪️Duke Urbanik was honored to join as one of the panelists, alongside Jos van der Wijst Tech lawyer (Nederlandse AI Coalitie | NL AIC/ LegalAIR), Miriam de Groot – Veronesi (Nederlandse AI Coalitie | NL AIC/ TNO) and Herman Kienhuis (Curiosity VC).

Thank you to everyone who attended, and especially the organisers, for this inspiring congress and break-out session!

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