Masterclass: Raising Money as a Hot Tech Startup

Join us for an engaging masterclass with our master Mathieu Goudot – an entrepreneur, founder and investor ready to share real-world scenarios from his experience.

This masterclass is not intended to tell you what to do, but to share real anecdotes and examples from real situations encountered by Mathieu across his 10 years as a founder that raised money successfully (and unsuccessfully) and 1 year as a member of the board of investors of a European space startup accelerator. Attendees of this June masterclass are assumed to have a basic understanding of the mechanics of fundraising.

Applied examples will be provided, with personal feedback on what went right and wrong. It will be guerrilla-style advice, focused on maximising the impact for you as a founder.

During the event, you will hear about practical and (sometimes) anonymised stories about:

  • How to resuscitate a stalled fundraise process? How to navigate VC’s never committing to lead a round?
  • How to generate FOMO (fear of missing out) and to take the lead in your raising process
  • How to start fundraising with only 2 months of runway?
  • What are the most common mistakes I made fundraising that costed me top-tier VC’s relationships?
  • How did I manage to oversubscribe a $1M round and turn it into a $5M round?
  • How to adapt your pitch to your investor audience every time?
  • The difference between startups and investors in Europe and the US
  • How to sound like a tech company when you’re a space startup, to max out valuation multiples
  • Investing in space companies in Europe: what is appealing and isn’t today for space VCs vs generalist VCs?

Join the event to learn from real-life experiences and get tips about fundraising that can be applied to your own startup.

About the presenter:

Mathieu Goudot is a master and fractional leader at Masters of Scale and a tech startup exec with a side passion for space exploration. He is currently VP of marketing and revenue operations at Flipdish, a European restaurant tech unicorn valued at $1.2B. Previously, Mathieu was the EMEA GM at Cloud Kitchens (headed by Uber founder Travis Kalanick), where he scaled the team from 5 people to 110 in 15 months over 12 countries. He also has extensive experience running a startup in the US, where he was the CEO and co-founder of Giggster and fundraised $5M in 2020 with top-tier investors in LA.

Mathieu is active as a mentor to several aerospace startups. He is also a member of the investment board of Spacefounders, a fund and startup accelerator, and via the EU CASSINI Business Accelerator has advised more than a dozen early to mid-stage European space startups on topics such as commercial expansion, marketing, sales strategy and pipeline growth, and fundraising. Previously, he co-founded a space advocacy conference in Austin, Texas called New Worlds and ran it from 2013 to 2016, hosting such prestigious speakers as NASA’s Bill Gerstenmaier, Lori Garver and Blue Origin’s Jeff Bezos.

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*Did you attend the May masterclass “Unlock the Secrets of your Company’s Financing” by Dieuwke Hoogland and Duke Urbanik of Masters of Scale? This is very much intended as a complementary masterclass and we invite you join.

📅 When: 30 May,
📌 Where: SBIC Noordwijk
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