Improving Successful Scaling

Dutch start-ups lag behind when it comes to conversion rates in later funding rounds and perform worse at scaling than leading countries globally, according to a study from McKinsey & Company.

The study identified six scaling prerequisites for improving successful scaling:

🎯 Focus on sectors that are both globally relevant and strong suits of the Netherlands like health, fintech, energy and food
🌐 Adopt a global mindset from the outset to stimulate international growth
🙋‍♂️ Attract top talent by for example improving the conditions for non-cash compensation
📈 VC ecosystem: Give start-ups sufficient guidance and funding, especially in late stages
💶 Capital: Investment from a variety of investors
🤗 Facilitate a supportive start-up environment

Increasing the number of companies that successfully scale is exactly the ambition we have and why we started Masters of Scale.

Because we believe that with the knowledge of experienced entrepreneurs and experts by their side, scaling founders can improve their chances of successfully raising larger funding rounds and therefore scale.

Change needs to come from the top but also from within.

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