Scaling Readiness Indicator Results

Your Results: It sounds like you are almost ready to scale!

Your score is between 50-80 points (out of 100), which means you are almost there, but there are still some weak spots that might prevent you from achieving your growth ambitions and/or raise concerns with investors. 

The Crucial Foundation

If you have low scores on Proposition, Product/Service and/or Market, you need to focus on fixing these first before even doing any work on the other areas. Having a customer-validated product market fit is crucial for creating a stable revenue base and eventually expanding into new markets. You may need to do more research, e.g. Are customers in this new market experiencing the same pain as in your beachhead market? Is the new market you are looking at big enough to justify the costs of entry?

Strategic Plans

If you have low scores on Marketing, Sales and/or Financial Plan, you need to focus on developing or strengthening your strategic plans for scaling. You need to further develop how you will create brand and product awareness as well as your sales approach (channels, pricing structure, etc.). You may also need to hire an experienced CFO who can help with developing or improving your financial plan. 

Organizational Fundamentals

If you have low scores on Organization/HR, Operations and/or Legal, you need to focus on structuring and preparing your organization for scaling. Once your sales and delivery load increases, you won’t have time to change your fundamentals and sometimes even enter a no-way-back situation (e.g. made commitments which will slow you down).

We Can Help

We can likely help you to solve all of these issues. We start by conducting a more detailed Scaling Readiness Assessment during which we identify your challenges to scaling. Our Masters will suggest mitigation routes and advice for improvements.

Interested in a Scaling Readiness Assessment?

In 4 short sessions with our Masters, we determine your company’s scaling readiness and identify your unique challenges to scaling. For more information, outcomes, time investment and pricing, click on Learn More below.