Masters of Scale Café with Stephen Mangham


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Masters of Scale Café with Stephen Mangham

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These are exactly the type of questions you can spar on with our Master and the host of this Café session Stephen Mangham.

Stephen is an experienced executive and entrepreneur who specialises in helping businesses define and articulate their value. He combines strategic vision with a deep knowledge of marketing and communications, business development and culture to guide profound change journeys in large and small organisations. Stephen has advised corporates and start-ups in just about every business category in Western and Eastern Europe and Asia. He chaired the largest brand communications group in Southeast Asia before setting up his own business, which was subsequently sold to the Japanese owned Dentsu Group. More info:

Session in summary:
? Host: Stephen Mangham
? Thursday 7 October
? 16.00 – 17:00 CEST

Look forward to seeing you in our café!

*Join our Masters of Scale Café every Thursday from ? 16.00-17.00 CEST. One of our community members (Masters, Experts, Ambassadors, Partners) will host a virtual session where you can ask questions, share experiences and spar with our community member and fellow entrepreneurs. No fixed format, no requirements, just serious content driven discussions on scaling your business.

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