Masterclass: Unlock the Secrets of Your Company’s Financing


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Kapteynstraat 1 2201 BB Noordwijk
Masterclass: Unlock the Secrets of Your Company’s Financing

Join us for an engaging masterclass with serial entrepreneurs Dieuwke Hoogland and Duke Urbanik.

Are you ready to take your company to the next level but not fully aware of all opportunities or unsure how to secure the funding you need? Whether you’re just planting the seeds of your new venture or ready to scale globally, this masterclass is tailored to help you navigate the complex world of startup financing.

During the event, you will discover:

  • Explore Diverse Investor Types: From angel investors and venture capitalists to crowdfunding and beyond, learn how to identify and attract the right backers for your company.
  • Decode the Current Investment Climate: Stay ahead of the curve with insights into today’s dynamic investor landscape. Understand who is looking to invest, what they are seeking and how you can align your startup to be a great prospect.
  • Global Opportunities Unveiled: Whether you’re based in the Netherlands, expanding across Europe or eyeing global markets, discover specific funding opportunities and supportive ecosystems that can propel your growth.
  • Master the Art of Fundraising: Find out the different stages in the fundraising process and build your approach for a winning pitch deck, engaging with investors confidently, organising your data room efficiently, negotiating term sheets clearly and closing deals successfully.

This event will be an interactive experience. It isn’t just another lecture – it’s a two-way conversation. Bring your questions and challenges, and get tailored advice from seasoned entrepreneurs.

The masterclass will be hosted by two of our co-founders: Dieuwke Hoogland and Duke Urbanik! They will share not only their wealth of knowledge but also their personal experiences from launching and scaling their own tech ventures across borders. Secure your spot now and start your journey to finding the perfect match for your company’s funding needs!

About the presenters:

Dieuwke Hoogland is a seasoned entrepreneur and certified non-executive board member. Her expertise spans mergers & acquisitions, governance, legal, finance, liquidation, procurement, processes, business development and international scaling. She supports founders to build stable fundamentals for their scaling companies. Currently, she is involved in Masters of Scale as co-founder and Female Ventures as founder.

Duke Urbanik is a serial entrepreneur, strategist and advisor for startups and scaleups. He is specialised in fundraising, growth strategy, product development, IT and connecting companies to game changers and corporate partners. Currently, he is actively involved in YES!Delft as Entrepreneur in Residence, co-founder of Masters of Scale and board member of TeamNXT.

Masters of Scale is a community partner of SBIC Noordwijk.

📅 When: 30 May,
📌 Where: SBIC Noordwijk
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