So we got you interested… This page is about the questions you will have about costs, commitment, obligations, and how you get rid of us (or how we get rid of you).

This is a two-sided commitment between the assigned Masters team and your company, so it is important to be 100% clear of all the rules of engangement.  

As a rule, we come onboard AFTER you have your Seed round, to help you get through the Series-A round investment process. We will do what it takes to prepare you for the roast that you will go through when talking to investors, and get your back covered with setting up a dataroom, Investor presentations and help you negociate the best terms and conditions of the deal. 


We will charge a flat fee per month for office and travel costs (within the region) which we also consider as a token of your commitment to us.

For our hands-on involvement in the entire process and the use of our network and expertise, we ask for Advisory Shares – which we define as:

“The right to buy a percentage of equity at the price agreed upon on the date we start working with you”. 

Typically we will exercise this right once the investment has been closed, the company has received cash and the new value of the company (“post money valuation”) is clear.

Commitment & Obligations

The Masters team will commit working with you until you have actually closed the Series-A round. Likewise, we expect you to commit to supply all information and resources (e.g. your time) to the process.

Now if – unintentionally – the Masters team breaks up, or you and us are no longer alligned in our goals and purposes, we might have to end our cooperation.

If the Masters break up the team, or decide they can no longer work with you or your company, we will not charge any success fees even if it does come to a closing of the round. We do want to be reimbursed for our work at the rate of purchase of the Advisory Shares options.

 If the Company breaks up the cooperation, we will claim a pro rata share of the success fee; e.g. it might be that we have brought you your investing party from our network.

Closing the round

Once the round is closed, we will help you with re-adjusting your sights to the new situation and guide you into this next phase  of your ccompany. 

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