Johan Vonk

When he was about 22 years old, he moved to Amersfoort and started at KPMG. After a few years, he changed his job to a wholesaler in home decoration. He began there as head of finance and grew to CFO, with responsibilities spanning finance, HRM, and ICT. Following this, he transitioned to a production organization […]

Karin Govaert

She has been an entrepreneur in the maritime industry for over 20 years. She is co-founder and Director of Rivermaas (2010), an investor in maritime assets and sustainable technology for on-board applications. Karin has completed a degree in Economics in Rotterdam and Master in Finance in Tilburg. Karin resides in 📌 The Netherlands. Two books […]

Richard Burger

Born and raised in a small village near Zwolle, Richard moved to Delft after highschool to study Marine Technology at the Technical University of Delft. He successfully graduated his masters while starting a business in Bicycle As A Service – Swapfiets. Richard grew Swapfiets exponentially from zero to ~200.000 active members, in 4 countries, 55 […]

Hajo de Boer

With 20 years experience in corporate life, Hajo is able to quickly relate to what is meant and needed. Apart from his business knowledge – Master in economics, Master in Business Administration en Lean Six Sigma – Hajo received training in psychology, systems thinking, awareness and human behavior. Which makes him a versatile and pragmatic […]