Six Crucial Pitching Criteria

Written by our Master Bill Lewis

A Pitch Deck is the core of your presentation to an Investor. But you, the Founder, are the messenger, you are selling yourself and your business.

While the pitch deck is a document you both send to an Investor and forms the basis of your initial presentation, it’s what and how you present that will make or break your case.

To ensure that you capture an investor, you should make sure your presentation (and the deck when read in your absence) delivers the following:

  1. Get an Investor excited about your business
  2. Provides an overview or outline of your business
  3. Highlights the quantified, investable points that are meaningful to investors
  4. Advertises the commercial opportunity within the business
  5. Communicates MUCH with very FEW words
  6. Simple enough that your grandmother could understand it

As more than one VC has remarked, “You can tell the maturity and investability of a founder by the economy of their language.”

So, the message is to cover the key points while proving “Less is More”.

How do you do this? Use a standard 12 slide deck formula:

  • Hook, and company name
  • Elevator pitch
  • Problem you solve
  • Value proposition (or solution)
  • Market you serve
  • Go to market strategy
  • Competition
  • Your unfair advantage
  • Traction
  • Financials
  • Team
  • The “Ask”

At Masters of Scale, our Masters will lead you through the preparation of your deck, will critique your business case, and your presentation and make you “investor ready”.

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