Masterclass Recap: ‘Raising Money as a Hot Tech Startup’

💡 On 27 June our Master Mathieu Goudot hosted an inspiring Masterclass at Space Business Innovation Centre Noordwijk, titled “Raising Money as a Hot Tech Startup”.

The session was attended by 15+ engaged founders eager to learn from Mathieu’s 10 years as a founder and 1 year as a member of the board of investors of a European space startup accelerator. 

The masterclass helped the audience better understand the entire fundraising cycle and all the challenges that they might encounter!

Some of the topics Mathieu covered were:
💸 The merits of fundraisings and not fundraising (Mathieu mentioned “My first advice to them was to consider if they really needed it”);
❓An in-depth review of investor incentives vs founder incentives, how they conflict and need to be assimilated in terms negotiations;
🤝 How doing right for your investors might be good for you as a founder and future founder (but not always for your business, so it needs to be considered in your decision-making);
📈 The all-importance of growth in building the street-cred to be able to generate the FOMO you need to close a round;

Clearly an interesting topic, as Mathieu had several founders stay after the session with follow-up questions!

Thank you Space Business Innovation Centre Noordwijk for the opportunity to share the knowledge with the community 🚀!

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