Looking for Ambassadors

Masters of Scale International is a young organisation aiming to support the acceleration of innovative companies. We help start-ups to scale smarter and faster by supporting them to develop a scaling strategy, solve challenges or if needed raise a funding round. 

We do this with an international team of experienced entrepreneurs (“Masters”) and Experts with a shared passion for accelerating entrepreneurship and with proven experience in setting up, scaling up, funding and exiting companies.

With our Scaling Readiness Assessment and our modules for Scaling Strategy, Scaling Preparation, Scaling Funding and Scaling Execution, we support our customers to achieve breakthrough scaling. 

Our potential customers are anywhere in the world, so as Masters of Scale we want to be represented around the world. Therefore we are currently looking to add new Ambassadors to our group. 

As an Ambassador: 

  1. You fully understand what drives scaling founders and what they may need as additional support to accelerate their business. 
  2. You are embedded in the heart of the entrepreneurial ecosystem.
  3. You strongly support the services offered by Masters of Scale and want to play a role in accelerating scaling founders.
  4. Your time investment is flexible and depending on your availability. 
  5. You will receive an interesting per-case base compensation. 

Are you active in London, Berlin, New York, Silicon Valley or in the Netherlands and interested in becoming an Ambassador? Feel free to connect us by sending an email to hello@mastersofscale.nl.