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Masters of Scale Café with Kathelijne Drenth

Why do you do what you do? Imagine yourself in the future when “you’ve made it”, what have you achieved or created that’s not there today? And how did you get there? 

These are the types of ‘purpose’ questions that Kathelijne Drenth, host of this café session and Masters of Scale Expert, challenges her customers on every day by stimulating their imagination. Because: ‘Our biggest challenge? Lack of imagination.’ (Ties van der Hoeven, co-founder of the Weather Makers). 

Kathelijne Drenth is the founder/director of The Twelve B.V. – Progress Partners and a thought leader on the subject of purpose. Her company is specialised in facilitating the scaling-up of teams and organisations towards next level systemic sustainable performance. Her thorough expertise is empowering progress in systemic value creation for customers and stakeholders inspired by the future and evolving around a crystal-clear defined core purpose. She has years of international experience in working with a diversity of leaders, boards of directors, teams, and organisations, and in all possible sectors; from MNCs to SMEs in Europe and Brazil, in Dutch, English or German. Kathelijne is an Expert for Masters of Scale. 

Can’t wait to see you in our café!! 

*Join our Masters of Scale Café every Thursday from ? 16.00-17.00 CET. One of our community members (Masters, Experts, Ambassadors, Partners) will host a virtual session where you can ask questions, share experiences and spar with our community member and fellow entrepreneurs. No fixed format, no requirements, just serious content driven discussions on scaling your business.

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