Masters of Scale Café with Hidde Hoogcarspel: Scaling Challenges from a VC’s Perspective


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Masters of Scale Café with Hidde Hoogcarspel: Scaling Challenges from a VC’s Perspective

Venture Capitalists have a first row seat in watching companies scale. Which means they have seen it all, the good, the bad and the ugly. Are you curious to hear what scaling challenges VCs see most often and how they go about supporting their portfolio companies to overcome these challenges? Then join our next café session with Hidde Hoogcarspel, Founding Partner of Dutch Founders Fund.

Hidde is one of the founders and managing partners of the Dutch Founders Fund. He is an experienced all round professional with a strong interest in combining data with creativity. Before starting the Dutch Founders Fund, Hidde was one of the founders of the Spacebuzz Foundation, an organization that introduces outer space to every child on earth. He is also one of the founders of SchoolKassa, a platform that makes parental contributions more transparent. Sustainability and making an impact with building new businesses is at the core of his interest.

The Dutch Founders Fund is an early-stage VC that primarily invests in marketplaces and network effects across the globe. Their fund is founded by founders, for founders. They look beyond spreadsheets as they have done it before and built businesses. Therefore they are able to share practical knowledge and resolve growth-pains.

Can’t wait to see you in our café!! 

Please note that we do not record our sessions so that everyone feels comfortable to speak freely. 

*Join our Masters of Scale Café every other Thursday from 🕐 16.00-17.00 CET. One of our community members (Masters, Experts, Ambassadors, Partners) will host a virtual session where you can ask questions, share experiences and spar with our community member and fellow entrepreneurs. No fixed format, no requirements, just serious content driven discussions on scaling your business.

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