Masters of Scale Café with Dieuwke Hoogland


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Masters of Scale Café with Dieuwke Hoogland

We all understand why building a stable foundation for our house is needed ?. But is building a stable foundation for our company also a necessity ?️? Why do founders avoid the legal and contractual hassle ??  Why is copy/pasting contracts a bad idea ?? What are the consequences later on when your company starts scaling ??

Our co-founder Dieuwke Hoogland is not a lawyer but ‘a good reader’ as she says. She is an example of what ‘thorough reading’ of agreements can bring you. 

During the Café session, we will discuss the importance of a solid foundation for your company and how important it is to invest time in this undervalued (and for some boring ?) aspect of building and growing your company.

????? ??? ????: Dieuwke has started, grown and exited a multitude of companies. She is an active Advisory Board member for several fast-growing companies. She focuses on negotiating contracts and partnerships with international customers and suppliers. She is passionate about diversity and founded the non-profit organisation Female Ventures, which focuses on empowering women in business. Dieuwke is co-founder of Masters of Scale and also fulfills the role of Master. 

Session in summary:
? Host: Dieuwke Hoogland
? Thursday 28 October
? 16.00 – 17:00 CET

Can’t wait to see you in our café!! 

*Join our Masters of Scale Café every Thursday from ? 16.00-17.00 CET. One of our community members (Masters, Experts, Ambassadors, Partners) will host a virtual session where you can ask questions, share experiences and spar with our community member and fellow entrepreneurs. No fixed format, no requirements, just serious content driven discussions on scaling your business.

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