Masters of Scale Café: How Non-US Public Companies Can Get Shares Quoted in the US


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Masters of Scale Café: How Non-US Public Companies Can Get Shares Quoted in the US

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For companies that are already listed on certain non-US stock exchanges, that dream is achievable relatively quickly and easily, and without requiring you to go through US SEC registration and/or listing with a US public market or exchange. By going through a qualified sponsor, you could have your shares cross-traded in the United States on the OTC Market platform.

Benefits include:
✅ Liquidity in your home market increases by an average of 26%
✅ Liquidity in the US market increases by an average of 67%
✅ An average of 128 basis points of value is created for your shareholders
✅ U.S. ownership more than doubles

Our Master Brad Furber is a partner in one of the few European firms qualified to act as such a sponsor, and he will share everything about this clever U.S. capital markets opportunity in this café session.

Brad is an active seed and early-stage investor, and also an entrepreneur, company advisor and corporate and securities lawyer (licensed in USA). He is the founder of Aery Advisors, which develops and delivers a suite of strategic coaching services, masterclasses and resources for founders, CEO and funders seeking to scale startup and emerging growth ventures globally.

Session in summary:
? Host: Brad Furber
? Thursday 24 February
? 16.00 – 17:00 CET

Can’t wait to see you in our café!!

Please note that we do not record our sessions so that everyone feels comfortable to speak freely.

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