Six Crucial Pitching Criteria

Six criteria demanded of you when pitching for your investment and the what and how that will make or break your case

Ten Simple Rules to Make a Good Pitch Great

Fundraising is a highly competitive professional environment. Having a great company is not enough — you must also have a great pitch. Here are ten simple rules to make a good pitch great.

Why investors don’t sign your NDA

You’re going to have plenty of challenges in attracting investors, don’t make forcing them down the NDA path one more reason to not get a pitch to begin with

How Not to Die

Y Combinator’s Paul Graham shares his view on how not to die as a start-up in this article from 2007 which is still very relevant!

How to Run a Series A Fundraising Round

In this post we take a look at how to run a tight Series A process to help you get multiple competing term sheets, while not taking a lot of time.

How Much Capital Should You Raise?

When you are going out to fundraise you need to decide how much capital to raise. Investors are looking to fund a company to a milestone. Learn more in this article.