Before we talk about how to become one of the Masters, here is how we see ourselves.

As we are all entrepreneurs and know the hassle and resistance when taking equity, we do not take shares and will not be ‘at the helm’ of your company.

  • We are a cross generation group, all with different backgrounds, bound by an ambition to accelerate and support existing young founders with our experiences.
  • Masters’ business model is not based on enriching our Masters, as the main component that thrives us is passion for innovation and scaling promising companies.

Masters are either (serial) entrepreneurs that have set up – sometimes multiple – businesses from scratch, or professional services specialists (Lawyer, Accountant, Analyst, Banker) that have dealt with startups and scaleups during their carreer, and want to take their knowledge and passion to accelerate innovation.

Having been there is a must; you can better understand the struggles of scaling a business if you have felt the pain and sleepless nights when dealing with critical situations. Also, the DNA of an entrepreneur is different than from somebody working in a regulated environment. Innovation is chaos and you have to be able to size it, handle it and solve it.

At the same level, professional services specialist have seen the good, bad and ugly of dealing with investors, partners and shareholders. Their knowledge of ways out of critical situations and the ability to analyse, decompose and solve the critical parts is very valuable in scaling a company.


Are you a master:

Masters will be actively involved with a company for the entire duration of the project, so until the company closed it funding round. Masters always work in teams of two; if one master is unable to help the company at a certain moment or period, the second master is the fallback. Also, masters can help eachother with their own specific knowledge and experience.

The main criteria can be summarized as follows:

  • Serial entrepreneur and/or experienced specialist
  • Proven Track Record
  • Passion for Entrepreneurship
  • No need for monthly income, payment with successful closing
  • Available for projects on a 6 – 12 months basis, part time
  • Valuable network and prepared to open that


Are you an Expert

Experts are called in for a specific task or problem. They do not need to commit for the duration of the project, and can get either paid a negociated fee, or share with the success of the project and get a possible successfee at closing. We do ask for your commitment to allocate time when we need you, which of course will not be unreasonable. We do want to prevent recommending specialists that are not available.

The main characteristics for the Experts that we want to join us:

  • Having a proven track record for dealing with startup and scaleup companies
  • Prepared to work for a fixed fee 
  • Alternative would consider to join a profit share payment
  • Have the possibility to free up 4-8 hours/week to assist a company
  • Preferably self-employed or can operate with consent of their current employer.

Closing the project

Once the round is closed, we want to help the company with re-adjusting their sights to the new situation and guide them into this next phase of the ccompany. This could mean that the Masters team will stay in touch for several weeks after the investment is made and help investor and entrepreneurs to find ways to work together – if needed of course.

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