New Master: Roel Nuyts

We are excited to welcome our new Master, Roel Nuyts, a product strategist with a strong focus on novel technology.

New Master: Johan Vonk

We are happy to be joined by our new Master, Johan Vonk, an experienced leader in scaling production organisations.

New Master: Hervé Francois

We are delighted to welcome our new Master, Hervé Francois, a financial executive with blockchain expertise.

New Master: Mark Mol

We are thrilled to introduce our new Master, Mark Mol, an experienced customer and partnership negotiator and dealmaker.

NLgroeit Year Event

Our cofounders, Masters and customers attended the annual conference of our partner NLgroeit with the theme 'Time to Change'.

New Master: Marc Wullings

A warm welcome to our new Master, Marc Wullings, who specializes in (international) go-to-market strategy and execution.

Amsterdam Circular Program

It was an honor to be part of the Amsterdam Circular Program and see founders combine true purpose with economic impact.

New Expert: Richard Russell

We are thrilled to welcome a new Expert, Richard Russell, an OKR and Executive Coach for executive teams of high-growth tech companies.

New Master: Frank van Os

We are excited to welcome Frank van Os as Master. He is an entrepreneurial innovator, business developer and growth expert.

Wise Lessons for Fundraising

During our Fundraising Strategy workshop, our Masters shared some wise lessons to keep in mind when fundraising

Startup Board Equity

How much equity should startup board members receive? Check out this insightful article from Markus Wagner to learn more

nlgroeit Year Event Tickets

Grab your chance to get a 25% discount on tickets for the annual nlgroeit year event on 25 Sept (In Dutch only)

Techleap Pledge

Techleap’s budget has been halved and we have pledged to mentor founders to help continue the mission to create a healthy tech ecosystem

Ørsted Propel Program

We had the opportunity to work with the Ørsted Propel cohort over the last few months to coach and assess their scaling readiness

What is a SAFE Note?

A SAFE note is a founder friendly investment instrument originally coming from the US and being used more frequently in Europe nowadays.

New Expert: Dinette Tams

We are excited to welcome our new Expert, Dinette Tams! She supports companies in regulated industries with risk & quality management.

Startup Commons Leiden

We had a wonderful evening at Startup Commons Leiden with inspiration and new connections!

The SVB Domino Effect

There is a major domino effect happening that resulted in the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) and it's impact on the startup ecosystem is far from over.

Startup Changemaker

Our founding partner Tessa de Flines was interviewed by Leapfunder for their "Startup Changemaker" series. Learn how she is personally trying to make an impact in the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

KPMG Deals over Dinner

We partnered with KPMG Emerging Giants on their first edition of "Deals over Dinner" with focus on valuable feedback, connections, follow-up sessions and more.

Batten Down the Hatches!

Our Master Brad Furber shares why the fundraising landscape will continue to be extremely challenging for the balance of 2023.

2022 Ecosystem Research

We share an overview of research recently published on the startup and scaleup ecosystem and fundraising in 2022.

2022 VC Tech Funding Trends

We share a summary of Yannick Oswald's article of what happened in the tech funding landscape this past year and what he predicts will happen moving forward.

Startupbootcamp Impact Day

We joined the bold closing event for Startupbootcamp's Sustainability and Mobility & Transportation Programs for which we provided fundraising expertise.

Startup Commons South Holland

What a wonderful evening at Startup Commons South Holland. Inspiration, interesting conversations and new connections!

Growth Across Borders

Our co-founders Duke Urbanik and Dieuwke Hoogland were table moderators at a lively and inspiring nlgroeit dinner event for female founders.

Investments Down in Q3 2022

We share a summary of the Q3 funding landscape in The Netherlands, Europe and the US. Worrying decline or a return to normal?

Join us at Startup Commons!

Connect with VCs, business angels, startups, scaleups and regional multipliers in the Delft, The Hague and Rotterdam area over drinks and dinner

New Master: Tom Vroemen

We are very happy to welcome Tom Vroemen as Master. He is a serial entrepreneur, investor and adviser to deeptech and climate tech companies.

New Master: Laurens de Bruijn

We are excited to welcome a new Master, Laurens de Bruijn, an entrepreneur, investor and senior executive with many years experience in the healthcare sector.

Fundraising in a Downturn

We share our views on fundraising in the current unfavorable economic climate. The good news? It's not all doom and gloom!

KPMG Tech Innovator Competition

It was an honor for us to be a partner for the KPMG Tech Innovator competition with our co-founder Duke Urbanik in the jury.

Inspiration at YOUNITE

Our co-founder Dieuwke Hoogland shared her experience and perspective on multidisciplinary teams during Younite

New Master: Marc Mogalle

We are happy to welcome a new Master, Marc Mogalle! Marc is an experienced venture capitalist and seasoned entrepreneur.

New Master: Karin Govaert

We are excited to welcome a new Master, Karin Govaert! Karin has been an entrepreneur in the maritime industry for over 20 years.

Regulatory Strategy Diagnostic

Assess your company’s exposure to the surrounding regulatory and policy environment and ability to drive meaningful change to that environment.

New Partner: Runway Strategies

We are excited to announce our new partner Runway Strategies! Runway advises clients on regulatory and policy strategy to navigate government obstacles.

Do You Engage Your Stakeholders?

We share basic steps and some useful resources to incorporate stakeholder management, crucial for business success, in your daily work. 

Time to Give Away Hats

When you are a startup founder, you are a jack of all trades and wear many hats. But if you want to scale, you need to realize when and which hats to give away.

New Partner: SPIN Ideas

We are happy to announce a new partnership with SPIN Ideas! SPIN Ideas is a marketing and media agency for passionate, purpose-driven change-makers.

7 Keys to SaaS Market Leadership

Learn about 7 obstacles SaaS and Software companies have to overcome to further grow the business and the corresponding key to get the obstacle out of the way.

Community-Led Growth

We've seen marketing-led growth and sales-led growth, followed by product-led growth. Nowadays, it’s all about community-led growth. Why is it the future?

German Ecosystem Insights

Never before has so much money flowed to German startups as in the past year. The total value of all VC investments in young German companies has more than tripled.

Get Off the Roundabout!

A startup is like a roundabout, you can choose many roads to take. But going around in circles will get you nowhere if you want to scale.

New Ambassador: Marco Hartog

Marco Hartog is an executive with 25 years of experience in International Business Development and Management high-tech vendors in the Telecommunication and Cyber Security markets.

Unveil for Venturi Aviation!

Congratulations to our customer Venturi Aviation on the unveil of their new electric airplane! The Echelon 01 is the world's first all-electric commuter aircraft for the mainstream aviation market.

It’s Not Too Late for a Yearplan!

Do you have a Yearplan 2022 for your company? If not, don’t worry, it’s not too late! Check out what it should include in this article.

New Expert: Jelle Stolwijk

We are thrilled to welcome a new Expert, Jelle Stolwijk. He is an experienced founder and growth marketeer, currently working as a freelance Head of Growth leading go-to-market strategies for startups and scaleups.

New Expert: Viki Pavlič

We are very happy to welcome a new Expert this week, Viki Pavlič! He is a pitch deck architect and a pitch coach who helps startups get their 'wow' across by making their story clear, concise and convincing.

New Master: Frank Visciano

We are excited to welcome Frank Visciano as Master. Frank is a seasoned startup leader with more than 15 years of experience across multiple functions of scaling companies.

New Masters: Amit Vaidya & Brad Furber

We are excited to welcome two new Masters this week. Amit Vaidya is a Life Science Expert and Board Advisor. Brad Furber is a securities lawyer, investor, entrepreneur and venture finance advisor.

Are You Unconsciously Incompetent?

How aware are you of your blind spots? Do you try to do everything yourself or do you realise where you could use help and seek it out?

Looking for Ambassadors

We are looking for Ambassadors from all over the world to join us. Contact us if you are interested!

Hips Don’t Lie

Look at what people do, not what they say. Behavioural research is a powerful way to shed light on everyday consumer motivations and frustrations.

Project Charter: Kick-off for Success

Learn about this pragmatic tool we use to make sure everyone is on the same page for changes from the beginning and more importantly, stays there.

The Power of Passion

We are building a passionate group of Masters, highly skilled entrepreneurs and experts. And that itself is not unique. What differentiates us is our passion for entrepreneurship.

Our Insights on the First Half of 2021

After the 1st half of 2021 - and heading towards an even better 2nd half - it’s time to share some findings and insights on our work at Masters of Scale for international scaling founders.

Increase Your Chances of Success

Improve your chances of success by taking the time to read about successes and failures of others, and the best practices that have bubbled up from these over the last decades.

Why investors don’t sign your NDA

You’re going to have plenty of challenges in attracting investors, don’t make forcing them down the NDA path one more reason to not get a pitch to begin with

How Not to Die

Y Combinator's Paul Graham shares his view on how not to die as a start-up in this article from 2007 which is still very relevant!

Are Entrepreneurs Born or Made?

Is entrepreneurship intrinsic in the individual (nature) or is it learned (nurtured). Or said differently; are entrepreneurs born or are they made?

How Much Capital Should You Raise?

When you are going out to fundraise you need to decide how much capital to raise. Investors are looking to fund a company to a milestone. Learn more in this article.